Designed by educators for educators using the science of reading, I Read 2 Grow is a digital platform subscription that grows with every reader.

Students can listen to a book, read a book by themselves,learn about things, and listen to a podcast.
Beginning and developing readers can share reading with advanced readers,including older peers and adults.
Teacher guides provide activities to use in the classroom for all kinds of readers.

Learn About Things

Students will increase background

knowledge to improve comprehension

skills and vocabulary as they listen to

articles created specifically for I Read 2


Topics Include:

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Biographies

Listen to a Book

Students build phonics, vocabulary,

fluency, and comprehension skills by

listening to real humans read the words

in the story as they are highlighted.

Topics Include:

  • Phonics and Decodable Readers
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Geography
  • Paired Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Spanish, French, and Haitian-Creole

Read a Book by Myself

Students can practice applying reading

skills using a variety of fiction and

nonfiction books.

Topics Include:

  • Leveled Readers
  • Fiction Chapter books
  • Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Sports
  • Bilingual and Spanish

Read a Book with a Partner

Promote positive parent/caregiver or older

peer interaction with six levels of books

that increase in difficulty. Support parents

with grade level guides that explain the

science of reading and components of

reading in simple terms and activities for

each component.


  • Levels 1-3: Grades PreK-2
  • Levels 4-6: Grades 2-5

Listen to a Podcast

Build listening comprehension, vocabulary,

and background knowledge with engaging

and exciting educational and award-winning


Topics Include:

  • Trivia and Vocabulary
  • Stories
  • Art
  • Humor
  • Superheroes


  • MARC Records
  • Easy to navigate
  • No individual student usernames and passwords
  • No private student information used
  • New content added quarterly

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